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March of the Imperial Knight Warden, Fan work in progress...

This is a fan work project started few weeks ago. We are making a short animation with the imperial knight warden issue from the warhammer 40k series. I am modeling the 5 optional arm/gun and the 3 turrets of the character, also taking care of the texture, lightning and rendering of the scene. While my friend is doing the modeling of the body, the rigging and animation. We will add some special effect for the smoke and create a apocalyptic layout for the army to destroy! So far thats the plan, and we are having lots of fun making it! stay tunes... you can follow us on the web site for more info,

Gauntlet thunderstrike, unofficial fan work

Avenger Gatling gun warhammer, unofficial.

Gatling Canon unofficial fan work Warhammer 40k

ChainsSword unofficial fan work warhammer 40k

Rapid Fire Canon unofficial fan work

Thermal Canon High res